Maintaining a passion for words…

Why is it that so many students seem to have lost the desire to play with words and language?  I used to love English lessons based around word games and language puzzles.  It was fun for me.  Unfortunately, it seems to be a different story today…often such activities are viewed as tedious, boring or ‘too hard’.

In an attempt to ignite my students’ passion for words I explored the internet to find a few ‘learning gems’…

Wordsense: one of the best around in my humble opinion.


Anagramania: Guess the anagram before the time runs out!


Crickler Crossword: A new type of word puzzle!

Crickler Puzzle

Frank’s Panic Puzzle:

Frank\'s panic puzzle

Word puzzles available from Addicting Games:

Addicting Games

Vocab Sushi: Building a better vocabulary

Vocab sushi

Messing with ideas and words: Plinky prompts
Plinky writing prompts

It also occurred to me that students might find it fun to create their own word games using classtools: