Hello World! (again)

Alas, the real world has interfered with my blogging …I have not posted in some time and now find myself blogging out of sheer guilt.

The one positive from my lack of real time is that I will have to share my ‘Learning Gems’ in record time and with minimal waffle.

Behold, some of the things that have kept me busy since August ’09 —

Cyber Safety Resources for Educators:


I designed this wiki after one of my students asked me how she could stop some facebook bullying.   The lack of any obvious avenue of assistance made me look at ways to educate others, including teachers, to draw attention to this growing area of concern


Buying an iphone is probably the most important development since my last blog post.  I have used it to photograph much of my life and tried to maintain a photograph a day on this blog:


My work commitments are such that a photograph a day is impossible…unless a photograph of my desk every day is sufficient…However, I have taken some interesting shots during vacation times.  I also used my iphone to create an Animoto presentation to show ‘environmental problems’ at my school.  I wanted to make the point that world environmental problems were reflected in the local environment.  The students quickly gained some insight into  the environmental issues facing the world today

By the way, Animoto remains the MOST useful tool I have discovered since I started exploring web 2.0